Your ASHP System

What is an air source heat pump (ASHP)?

ASHPs use innovative technology to efficiently heat properties and are increasing in popularity throughout Europe. Heat is absorbed from the outside air and circulated throughout a property via a water-based heating system (e.g. traditional radiators) or air-based heaters. As the technology extracts heat from the air it is constantly being renewed naturally and is consequently much kinder to the environment. ASHPs can also present significant energy cost savings to the end user. An average sized, four-bedroom home that is currently using modern electric storage heating can save up to £445 per year and reduce their carbon emissions by an average of 3,950 kg by switching to an ASHP.

Sunlight has recently launched an innovative product that facilitates the installation of ASHPs in domestic properties across the UK at a vastly reduced price to the end-user. Click here for further information.



See the diagram below which shows how the systems creates the heat for your home.